Laurence Elsdon

Seriously though, in 2018 why do so many companies still have opt-out practices for mass email?

My guilty pleasure is sending passive aggressive emails to web apps who violate Mailchimp's terms of use by auto enrolling me to their marketing emails.

One year on and I've had to set aside the majority of my computing pursuits in favour of focusing on a career in architecture. But every so often you get that niggle to try and complete something challenging so I've finally managed to get my own Mastodon instance setup. I have to say it doesn't feel any easier today than it was was a year ago... But I've done it, and hopefully I'll get around to submitting some revisions to the documentation to help others in the same boat as me.

A year ago, almost to the day I was procrastinating from completing my Masters thesis by trying to setup a Mastodon instance on my web server. But with little success I finally had to accept that academia was more important than side projects so I set it aside and focused on my thesis.